Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

Pandora's Box

*laughs* My, my, what an interesting day at the Castle! Tommy was with me on like his second day EVER, and his first day with me, and I won't lie, we were a bit of a mess! Most of it was just nerves on his part; like turning the opposite way to get off stage at one point, but he was so adorable and animated it was okay. There was one spot in particular, though, we just couldn't seem to get right. It's a double turn, after we run up to the stage right platform, and every time we got to that part something didn't go right; we were late, so only one spin, or we'd get there on time, but he'd spin me the wrong way, or we'd get there just a little late so I'd try to spin and lose my balance...oy. Disaster. But we couldn't help laughing at ourselves, so it wasn't a big deal. We did finally manage to get it right at least once. Good thing too, since we have to do it all again tomorrow!
Awesome group today too! Tommy, of course, Tim, Adam, and Carly were all with me today. We spent most of the breaks upstairs just talking and hanging out; Adam's kinda having some drama with his family and his ex-girlfriend, so we were supportive. Plus everyone got to see just how insane and amusing Tim and I are when we bicker back and forth. I swear, we're like freaking Laurel and Hardy or something. The breaks downstairs--in our new exclusive breakroom--were spent watching Taken and 3:10 to Yuma, neither of which I had seen.
Was supposed to go to dinner with Tim, but his mom wanted him to come home, and he couldn't talk her out of it. Yes, he knows she crazy, but as I reminded him, she's his mother, and he has to love her. To which he replied, "Yeah, kinda like you." "...What?? Did you just say I'm like your mother and that's why you have to love me!??!" "No, you're not my mother..." "Well, that's good, since you've already got one of those..." "I know....but it's true that the youngest always looks for someone like their mother." Well, yes...but you love me because I take care of you." "...true. But I love you anyway." *giggle* Silly boy. It sucks that he has to go home tonight, but at least we made backup plans for tomorrow. Still, it would have been nice to see him two days in a row. Least I got to work with him.
Home now, and playing around on Pandora Radio. It's a recent discovery and addiction of mine. It's so fun being able to create your own radio station! I don't even mind the ads. Made one using the madrigal O Magnum Mysterium. It's very soothing. In fact, I think I'm gonna go chill and read my book or something to it. Night all.

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