Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

Good Ol' Family Values

Why is it things never seem to go the way I plan?
Castle Show with Tommy again!! Today was much better...well, mostly. Figured out why we were getting there late, and pretty much fixed it, and fixed the exit off stage. However, "pretty much" is not "perfectly." There were a few times we were a little later than we should have been, so I only got in one spin, but we were better than yesterday. Except for twice. The first incident, we got there in time, but he let go of my hand on accident and I spun off center and sorta hit the pillar. Oops. Kinda embarrassing, but oh, well, we laughed it off. Besides, it wasn't that bad. Second time, we were a little late AND our hands got twisted AND I got off balance, but this time I stepped on the wooden sword propped on the platform from our earlier scene--and broke it. BIG oops. It made a really loud CRACK! and everyone looked up to see. My bad. At least it was the sword that broke and not my ankle! I keep telling them I need different shoes but they won't listen!! *laughs* Oh well, still funny as hell, and at least I didn't fall over.
Tim picked up Hoedown for a 7th day today, and we were supposed to do something after work..however, we went 0-2. *sigh* Apparently, last night when he went home his mom and his sister got into a big fight, which climaxed this morning with his sister getting kicked out of the house for a couple days. So he had to go meet her when she got off work, drive all the way to Titusville so she could pack (since this happened right before she left for work and didn't have time to grab anything) then drive BACK to Orlando so she could stay with him for a few days. *sigh* Plus one of his other sisters is coming in town the end of the week for several days, so of COURSE he'll be spending time with them...and of COURSE the days I have off he doesn't and vice versa and we don't even have an evening free...and of COURSE it's that time of the month....*HUGE sigh* Life is conspiring against us. At least he yelled at his mom and sister for taking him away from me. (And no, I didn't even ask him to, he was just as annoyed at not being able to spend time together as I was.) Went over to his apartment for a little bit before he had to meet his sister so he could take a shower. I just wanted to see him since I've barely gotten to this week or so. And it will be longer before I get to again. Came back home a couple hours ago, and have been typing up entries here, IMing someone on Facebook, and texting Luke back and forth. Go me for multitasking. Now it's time to finish up and go to bed. Double Toontown tomorrow--yuck!!

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