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I think there might be pixie dust coming out of my ears....

It's not that I'm a stranger to double shifts. I mean, really, look at my schedule just last week--four doubles in a row, all of them 14 hours or longer. It's the double TOONTOWN shifts that kill. Sustaining that much energy, that many times in a row for that length of time is a serious drain on my body. I come home with my eyes burning, my hips and knees groaning and creaking, and my feet sore and swollen. Not to mention my upset tummy and cramps. Oh, what a glorious day.
In all reality, it wasn't as bad as I had feared. With Bri and John in the morning, and I think all of us were exhausted, which made for great delirium and inside jokes. John was hysterical. He kept saying things like: "What? Not my book. Not my book, not my problem! Nope! No way. Nope, not never, no way." Pretty sure he was quoting a rap song, but he got all of us in on it. I'm sure the guest thought we were crazy, but then again, what else is new? Hit our numbers consistently all day long too!! Oh, and John told both of us at the end of the day that he appreciated that the two girls he was working with both had great asses. Yeah, he said that. I just laughed; I mean, come on, I know I have a great ass. And I make it work for me too! Group 3 with Aaron and the new girl Hillary. She was nice, and she did pretty good on set, although she was a little quiet and repetitive. That's okay, she's just not comfortable yet. Aaron and I schedule stalked to see who got scheduled fittings for Star Wars Weekends. Did I mention that? I got a call yesterday from SWW to let me know that a fitting for Ahsoka Tano had been added to my schedule!! EEeeppp!!! Still not sure if this is a final type-out or a we-need-your-sizes fitting, but I've only heard of three other girls for the character, so I hope they'll use all of us. It's on Wednesday, and I'm kinda nervous. Gonna have to start working on my abs. Good kids all day long, lots of little ones, and though I'm sure there were several really adorable ones, my brain is fuzzy enough that I couldn't really tell you about any of them.
Think I might start keeping a food journal too. I've been trying to avoid milk products if at all possible, but I'm pretty sure I didn't have any milk yesterday and my stomach was still bloated and upset. Let's see, what did I eat today?
16 oz. hazelnut mocha (Swiss Miss hot chocolate, artificial creamer and coffee)
1 donut
1 fruit bowl
1 package apple slices
1 package mini donuts
1 blueberry muffin
1 bottle cranberry apple juice
Small salad with carrots, mushrooms, black olives and ranch dressing
Taco Bell 7-layer burrito
Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists
1 glass Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist
That's not a whole lot, right? And no milk, so why is my tummy rumbly? May need to see a doctor about this eventually. Boo.
Okay, I'm bout ready to pass out, so time to take off the makeup and crash. Spare Pixie tomorrow. Bleh.

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