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Misery loves company....because then it can point and laugh.

Today was indeed a miserable day. Not because of work, no sir, but because my body is trying to kill itself. Was watching FMA last night when all of a sudden my nose starts dripping. Oh, great. Grab the tissues, think it's no big deal. Lie. I spend the rest of the night sneezing and coughing, blowing my nose at least 60 times, and hoping my eardrums didn't rupture from the pressure. My allergies are so bad I can barely function. Went through over 3/4 of a new box of tissues JUST last night. Got up around 3am to take 2 decongestants and two allergy pills, which did nothing. Was THISCLOSE to calling in, but today was Castle Show into Spectro and that's a lot of money I'd be losing. Decided to tough it out for as long as I could. Everyone was very sympathetic, since I looked as awful as I felt (though my makeup held up, thank goodness.) Funny though; when I went on stage, suddenly my congestion cleared up enough that I could breathe, but as soon as we were done with show it came back with a vengeance. Stuck it out all through Castle Show. REALLY should have left then like Tim told me to, but I figured, 5.5 more hours for just one parade? I'll be fine. Of course, I got pulled. To hang out with Sneezy, no less. Ironically appropriate, I felt. Did the whole parade with tissues stuffed up my nose; it was either that, or leak snot all over myself. Daddy called me in a couple prescriptions at Target; must go get those tomorrow. Still can't breathe, still leaking, still miserable. But I can't call in tomorrow, because I have my Star Wars fitting at 2. However, if I'm still this awful, I may have to shift release from ToonTown. I hate to do it, but I can't talk to children "iv by boice dounds lig dis." Is no bueno. Going to drug myself up on some Nyquil (which I mistakenly took this morning--oops) and pass out. Night.
Food Log:
Approx. 6oz. mint tea
1 banana
2 blueberry PopTarts
1/4 chocolate chip muffin
1 fruit bowl
1 bottle cranberry/apple/raspberry juice
1 serving white rice w/ buffalo sauce
1 oats 'n' honey granola bar

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