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If you love someone, let him go. If he doesn't come back, HE'S WITH ME.

Okay, so that one is already a T-shirt at Target, but I just think it's hilarious. I'm really on this T-shirt kick, have you noticed? It keeps me from going crazy. Anyway. Spent most of the day with Mike. We attempted to watch The Bourne Identity, since I'd never seen it, but we only got about halfway or less before we fell asleep. While he was mowing the lawn I went to see my mom at work; they were having the Deco Estate Sale, which had a lot of contemporary, artistic, one-of-a-kind jewelry for sale. All of it was amazing, just so creative and whimsical. And, of course, very expensive. I saw a couple tanzanite rings and a pair of earrings that were just gorgeous. Oh, well. I can spend my money on better things....wait, never mind, I don't have any. Brought Kris her sword at work--yes, dear. It's beautiful. Went to class (Mike sat in the hallway)to learn about family and religion. Amazingly enough, it didn't piss me off. Wow. Bummed around with Mike some more, then dropped him off at home, since he has to work early. It's nice having someone to hold onto when you need a hug, you know? When I got home I checked my email--I think I'm now officially a Harem Wife. (Go me?) And Brooke, I just have to say, your entry really touched me. I didn't realize how much this might have been affecting other people, not just me. I love you, and I'm so incredibly glad you are in my life. Living with you and Corrinne was home to me, and I'm glad we had that year together. And to all the rest of you, I love you as well, and thank you for being there.

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