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You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one...

It really is the little things that count. Woke up with the clearest head I've had in days. Stuffiness wasn't too bad; I could even breath out of my nose a bit! Of course, now it's leaking like a faucet again and I had to open up another box of tissues. I've had it with these allergies!! They better clear up soon or I'm going to be seriously annoyed. Castle Show today with John. You know, he may irk me sometimes with his lackadaisical performance, but I must admit, I'd missed him. And of course he had to say his usual inappropriate things on stage, but I was laughing the whole time. Helps when I can breath. And it was HOT today! I was actually sweating the first show of the day, and that hasn't happened in months. Not looking forward to summertime, especially since I have no say in where I'll be every day. Good times and no screwups during shows. But the best part of the day was Luke. I'd texted him this morning with the quote, "Good morning starshine! The earth says hello!" and that spawned a day-long conversation of retro song lyrics back and forth. It made me smile the whole day long, just because it was so silly. Texted Tim today too, but not nearly as much, which kinda makes me sad; I wish he would text me throughout the day like that, but he's still in the "I'm scared by how much I care" phase so he resists sometimes. It's okay. At least I got to talk to him in several chunks. He's at Party Activator tonight, and I'm only allowed to come see him in that if it rains, and it didn't. (He doesn't like that role.) Came home, painted my toes and watched my new FMA discs. I've gotten to the point where I left off the last time, so everything after this is totally new. Four discs left....I'm getting antsy about it! I wanna know!! Course, now I have to wait until Monday....balls. Getting time to head to bed; have to get up earlier so Sheilah can get in the shower on time. You know, it would be nice if SHE could get up earlier once in a while too, but whatever. Castle Show again tomorrow, and I go home in a week!
Food Log:
8oz mocha
1 banana nut muffin
1 banana
3 fried fish chips
handful of steak fries
cup of carrots
20oz Sprite
2 turkey and cheese sandwiches
2 glasses Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist
Feeling kinda fat and gassy after all that fried and cheese stuff, but not really upset. Maybe not eat so much tomorrow.

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