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No matter how you look at it, mucus isn't pretty

Allergies still kicking my ass. Getting better though; I could actually breath through my nose on occasion, but then it would stop right back up again. Movement and air flow seem to help. At the Castle again today. Not quite as hot as yesterday; I think there was more cloud cover. John once again made inappropriate comments right before we went onstage, which worked because then I was laughing for real. Was hoping Tim and his family would come watch, but they decided to go to Epcot instead. They might stop by tomorrow when I'm at the Teacups. Didn't really talk to Tim much today; he was with his family, like I said, though I did call him to tell him his schedule next week and we chatted then. Saw Luke briefly during lunch too; he sat down right as I got a call from Maggie at Star Wars--to tell me to set up an appointment to get fitted for my contacts! Know what that means!??! I'M DOING STAR WARS WEEKENDS!!!! So excited!! Still hoping to work the schedule so I can go home that first weekend for Brent's graduation though. Will worry about it once the rehearsals get started. Ran over to Epcot after work to pick up some snacks from Japan. I would have liked Tim to get them for me since he was there, but he didn't respond to my texts until I was already there. Got some unflavored rock candy, some strawberry and melon rice cakes, a package of chewy candy and a cider drink. Gonna take most of it on the plane with me; and surprisingly, most of it is fairly good for you. At least, not all that terrible for you. Home now, and since I have to get up super early tomorrow, think I'm gonna pop in a movie and pass out.
Food Log:
12oz chai tea
16oz orange tea
2 slices french toast with cinnamon and sugar
3 handfuls of Goldfish
whole wheat pasta with green peppers and carrots in a marinara sauce
1 1/2 meatballs
1/2 package of sweet candy
2 rice cakes, melon
1 cider
Pasta did not agree with my stomach. May have been the excess of garlic butter. Should probably go see a gastrointestinal specialist. My pipes are all screwed up. Bleh.

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