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Deep thots. I haz dem.

What a day. Teacups/Day parade today. Thought I'd gotten enough sleep last night, but was so exhausted I was passing out on the train. Not good. Dozed before my first set, then went out, rode the Teacups with a little boy named Connor, took a picture with him...then went back in. Hooray rain! Next set was downed too, so I passed out in my chair. Didn't have to go back out until two hours later. Nice. Cute kids for sets, but no one really spectacular. Parade was nice; the managers actually made a good call and we did our Rainy Day Cavalcade--pull out the big old fashioned cars and rain slickers and have a party of it. I like it, because it's fast and fun and I don't have to do anything but sit and wave. It's cute. Came home, took a nap, then went to Siobhan's memorial service. It was sad and funny and heartwarming. Strange, though, how it takes something like the loss of a friend to remind us all of how we SHOULD treat each other instead of the way we DO treat each other. Everyone should try to be kinder, more forgiving, more understanding, more loving, more....MORE. We shouldn't have to wait to lose someone dear to us to make us remember. Siobhan, you will be so sorely missed. When you read a good new book wherever you are, you better let me know. And don't forget your flag. I love you, from one evil little fairy to another.
Time for bed. Back at the Teacups again tomorrow. Why to Teacups have to brew so damned early in the morning???

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