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Sometimes, a girl just needs some space...

Castle Show today. Was much better than yesterday for some reason; I felt much more awake and connected to my performance. Starting to get really hot, though there was a lovely breeze most of the day. Surprisingly with John again today, which is odd only in the fact that neither of us is usually there on Sundays. Good group of people today, though nothing terribly exciting happened. Luke stopped by to say hello as I was sitting in the cafeteria. He saw my status last night, which said, "Carlye just needs some space..." and figured he would give me some, even though he wasn't sure if that was what I meant. It was. But then again, I also saw HIS status, which said, "Sometimes it's just better to walk away" and I knew what THAT meant. I'm so frustrated with the whole situation. I know Luke would be better for me, but I'm in love with Tim. And I know Tim has the ability to be so wonderful for me. So what do I do? *sigh* There are no easy answers, but eventually, one will come to me. For right now, I will love as I wish, and ignore those who say I can't, or shouldn't. After work went with Chesney to see Carly's show, called "God Still Dreams of Eden." It was an interesting little musical; I liked the songs and the plot wasn't too far-fetched. Carly was great in it; I'd never heard her sing before and she's very good. She was even believable most of the time. Which is doubly impressive when you saw what she had to work with; horrid does not even begin to describe it: off-pitch, off accent, too many gestures, too many repetitive gestures...all in all, BAD. So kudos to her. Chesney dropped me off at my car and I came home; brewing Teacups again in the morning!

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