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Try to scare ME why don't you?

Okay, so I just talked to this guy who contacted me through MSN Messenger. He had sounded interesting in his email so I thought why not? Yeah. Turns out he's just looking for a roll in the hay, and when that fails, he tries to get me to do some sort of ritual--that involved taking my shirt off. Yeah, right, bub, nice try. Again, after attempt fails, he continues to try and impress me with his supposed "knowledge of the arcane", saying we should meet, and when we do, he will amaze me, scare me, and change me. FAT CHANCE. I told him that unless he's got an evil god in his pocket, than there was no way a mere mortal was going to intimidate me. I think I offended him. I sure hope so. Stupid gits who think just because they pick up a dimestore spell book they know everything about magic. I almost hope he contacts me again so I can make fun of him some more. Highly entertaining it was.

About my day: Went with Mike to court; thank Goddess didn't have to pay anything today, got an appointment next month for a plea docket. Thought he might keel over if something bad happened. Had breakfast at IHOP (yummy Banana Split Pancakes), ran errands, then short nap before work. Saw one of my old friends from high school there, talked for a bit. Then went to dinner with Dad and Brent at Lonestar. Yummy. Now I'm just playing on my computer, looking up everybody's entries and comments (cuz it's fun) and wasting time until I'm tired enough to go to bed. The ignorant amuse me.

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