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When Paradise Is Lost

Swirling, whirling,
In absence great,
The void where love
Has turned to hate.
Tribulations of lost souls,
Withered trees, and
Gaping holes.
Where demons play,
And angels scream,
And nightmares are
More real than dreams.
For light is dead,
Darkness abounds.
Silence pierced only by sounds
Of mourning wails and spiteful glee,
In the bleak monstrosity
Of Heaven spent in glum despair,
That bliss no longer slumbers here.
Paradise is lost,
Or so say some.
Where one sees the end,
The other’s begun.

Okay, so maybe it's not entirely fitting, but I felt like it. Bear with me guys. I'm messed up and depressed and really really pissed at myself, but I'll make it. Maybe some ritualistic body mutilation would help, except I don't have money...

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