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Sleepytime, baby....

I think my medication is making me tired. I mean, it's only 10pm, and my eyelids just keep closing. Ummm...not a whole lot happened today. Woke up, went over to the Manor, spent time with Kirah (my darling baby) and Mike (my darling bear, hehe) finished The Bourne Identity (good movie), went to class, came home and that's about it. Not too exciting. Don't even really have any spectacular insights for today either. My brain must be mush. Oh, but I do have one comment for all you wonderful people out there: if you have an opinion pertaining to me, my behavior, etc and so on, TELL ME!! I promise, I won't get mad until I've at least thought about it. Apparently, lots of you have thoughts on my...hmmm...relationship status, and I would love you to share them with me. You're all my friends and I value your views on life. I love you all and good night.

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