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Progression of Days

So it's nearly the end of summer and I've accomplished practically nothing I'd planned on doing. On the bright side, though, if I can make it through the next four days, I will be finished with school. At least for the next three weeks, until I have to go back to Springfield. *Sigh* A degree--any degree--would be good right about now. Not so good day today. Went to bed VERY late, so I woke up late, feeling terrible. Shortly thereafter, I went to work, where I closed by myself on one of the busier nights we've had this week. Yeah, fun. Came home and did some of my homework so I don't have to do it tomorrow. Still feel terrible--headache, backache, nausea...are these side effects of my medication? I really hope so, otherwise I'm just screwed up. Anyway. Have to work at 6am tomorrow, then will proceed to do obscene amounts of homework and collapse in my bed. I need a drink. And a backrub. Or just Mike. Yeah, that would be good.

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