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Not quite the Finish Line

So, today was interesting. Did a promo at the Barry Roads AMC Theatre. It was actually a lot of fun. And Lone the Wolf told me that he thought he would like me better as the Lady of the Forest (Hah! There's one in your eye, Jim.) After the promo was done, Mandy and I went to Chipotle for lunch (mmmm....veggie bol) and then went and pestered Mike, who's sick, for a while. Studied for my LAST sociology exam, think I did okay on it (don't really care at this point) and went back over to the Manor to hang out. Watched Rush Hour 2 and exclaimed over berkie 's new computer. It's pretty. FINALLY got an email from Stephen (the week before he comes back) that says basically he loves it there and wants to stay/go back. Well. He could have at least said "I miss you" or something. Oh, well, I'm moving on. Gotta check my school email to see if my research paper that I spent until 3am working on is graded yet, and then I'm heading to bed for a nap before work at 7:30. And by this time tomorrow, I'll be a FREE WOMAN!!!

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