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Digital Fortress

I just finished reading Dan Brown's book Digital Fortress. Lemme tell you, it was definitely a page turner. I hate math, and even I got so involved in this book I just flew through it. The last hundred pages or so I read in twenty minutes. It was awesome. 'Course I felt really smart because I figured out stuff before the characters did, and they were supposed to be brilliant government agents...okay, so they aren't real people, but so?? A must-read for sure.

Well, I got to work in Starbucks today, since James is on vacation. Wasn't too bad, pretty slow, except for the one lady who got mad we don't take the giftcards. (Hello, that's what the sign is for.) And, in case you couldn't figure it out from my last entry, I'M DONE WITH SUMMER SCHOOL!!! I know I got an A in my Wellness for Life class, most likely got a B in Sociology, and either an A or a B in Composition. But frankly, by this point, as long as I passed, I don't care what the letter is. Hopefully, this means I'm one semester closer to graduating. Of course, that's still not close enough for me, but I'll survive. Went to geek night; everybody almost died because they accidentally summoned a Death Lord of the Underworld. Very cool. Gave me shivers. Brrrr. Okay, maybe not really, but sometimes it's fun to be scared. Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment with my dad's partner (horrors!) Hopefully, my cysts have gone down. (I didn't know I had room for an extraneous grapefruit in my abdomen. Icky.) Then, nothing much else. But I should probably get some sleep so I hear my alarm tomorrow. Yeah, sleep...

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