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What's with today, today?

Actually, not much. Went to bed at 6:00am last night, er, this morning, slept till noon, or tried to anyway. Piddled around the house for a while, then went over to Kris and Mike and Brooke and Kate's house (they really need a name for it.) Dozed there accidentally for a while, then went with Kris to her grandparents house. Came back, got Taco Bell, watched The Italian Job. I want a mini. Stephen called; forgot I was going to do something with him today. Rescheduled for Thursday. Moved some of Kris's stuff from her old apartment, now home, and will be going to bed shortly because I have to work at 7:30. Now I need to figure out what to wear on Thursday--something that screams "Look at what you're missing out on!" without being obvious about it....

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