June 21st, 2004


Happy Solstice!

Yeah, it's Summer Solstice! Okay, that's about the most exciting thing that happened all day. Got up, ran around the house naked (okay, maybe not really--I was wearing underwear), studied for Sociology test. Watched the Charmed episode I taped yesterday--oh, my goodness, can you say gorgeous Latino man?? Because I can. Whew! Um, was going to hang out with Stephen, but he was cleaning his apartment and forgot I had class tonight. Went to class, took test, got test back (missed an A by half a point, grrrr.) At home, all by myself, wondering if I'm really motivated enough to keep taking notes...Nope. By the way, what in the world is Jessica's live-journal name? Anybody? Somebody? Help? (What is that from?) Being totally random and completely bemused by Shannon's entries. People never fail to amuse/annoy me. Off to throw together something for dinner and maybe watch Kill Bill Vol. 1. Yippee!
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    the ringing of my cell phone--it's Josh!!