July 2nd, 2004



It's best if we don't see each other.
Change can be good, right?
However hard as it may seem.
All the things we shared together,
Every memory,
Lingers in my heart, bittersweet.

Day in and day out I think of you.
Aches that I can't explain haunt me. I
Realize I may have made a mistake that
Killed my only real chance of true love.

But I can't come back...can I?
Even though at times I want to.
Although sometimes it feels like you never
Really left at all.

Name #2

Something tells me that
This might not be
Everything I thought
Perhaps it should.
Haven't we had enough time yet? It seems like
Everything I try to do is
Never quite enough.

After all this time, and
Not nearly enough has changed.
I can't wait around forever, you know.
Maybe this isn't The One for you, but
All I'm asking is that you at
Least give me a chance.

Name #3

Can't get it right, can you?
Always have to have it your way.
Really, did you think this was going to be easy?
Love is never simple.
You should know that by now,
Especially by your definitions.

Fortune seems to think you deserve
A second chance,
Even after the mess you made,
Running around with hearts in your hands.
It's going to hurt someone,
Enough that it might never be fixed.

Quite the predicament;
Unless a miracle solves it for you.
Even if you have your choice,
Even if it's "for the best",
Nothing is going to make this right.