July 8th, 2004



Today was very...very. Yeah. I know I'm definitely sick and sleep deprived when I take a 4 1/2 hour nap, wake up for a couple hours, then proceed to sleep for the next twelve. Not good. Oh, thanks for the message, Shan, it made me smile. Didn't really do much today, except try to keep from choking. It's better, but not by much. Read, took another nap (it helps if I don't move or talk much), attempted to sit through class, but since I wasn't really paying much attention and I kept reflexively swallowing, I left early. Came home, ate dinner, watched TV with the fam, including 3 Charmed episodes I had recorded. It's so frustrating; I've seen Part I of the season finale where Prue dies like 5 times, but I've never seen Part II. Grrr. Oh, well. Should go to bed. Need to talk to Mike tomorrow. Need to do homework too. Yucky. Hate summer school. Want to get better. Need new throat.
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