July 19th, 2004


I am FILLED with Christ's love!!!

Okay, movie was fantastic. I laughed..I laughed some more...I kept right on laughing. Definitely a must have. And I have a new quote for my new T-shirt line: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window--that way, you have something to jump out of." Great, isn't it? Well, that was really the only thing I did today, besides homework. Came home and talked to my mom a lot. She's really glad I'm back on meds and made me promise to take them at least until I graduate. No big deal, so I said yes. Talked about my friends from high school, and why we haven't really been in contact lately (apparently, I rather scare them--fun, eh?) And of course talked about Mike. Dad was right; she is going to be a LOT harder to convince. She seems as positive that he is wrong as I am positive that he is right. Although I have to admit, I could see most of where she was coming from, so I can't disagree with her totally. He fucked up big time, and now it's going to cost him, and probably me, to fix it. We talked about school, and my career, and family, and even about Amanda. I love my mom a lot; we may not agree on a lot of things, but at least she makes the effort to try to understand me, and she actually listens when I talk about stuff. Okay, granted, she can be really rigid about some stuff she doesn't like, but she only wants what she thinks is best for me. I just don't want to disappoint her, you know?
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