July 23rd, 2004


Caffeine and dead animals

That consists of my day at work. Because that was all I did today. Woke up late because I felt like crap, then went to work and found out the girl in Starbucks called in sick. So that meant, you guessed it, I got to close it. And Tarsem, the guy in Bakery, was next to worthless. What did he do while Rodney and I struggled to close both the Deli and Starbucks. WATCHED. Bastard. And the rest of the night he spent wandering around or talking on the phone to his wife. I can't believe the kinds of people they'll actually hire. Sheesh. Whatever happened to a decent work ethic? Pulling your own weight? Doing your job? Oh, yes, it went out the window with chivalry and plentiful parking.
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