July 30th, 2004



Today was...okay. Mostly. Had my gyno appointment at 10am (exciting, I know) and found out my cyst is just barely smaller than it was six months ago. And I don't have to have surgery on it. Yet. Then I just sort of bummed around the house since everybody was at work, until my dad came home and we went and saw a movie. Came home and watched the end of Addams Family Values (chuckle) and most of Crazy/Beautiful. You know, every time I see that movie, or think of it, it reminds me of Mike and myself. Of course, who's crazy and who's beautiful tends to flip-flop back and forth. Just something about it resonates with me. It made me miss him even more. I find myself making excuses to swing by the Manor, or spend time with him. I wonder if he's broken up with Mandy yet....she made him really mad Thursday night; he and Chris Evins had to go pick her and Kate up from a bar in Westport at about 11pm--and Mike had to work at 3am. I just keep thinking about all the time we spent together, you know, when we were..together. I know I'm probably glossing over some of the not-so-nice memories (and there are some, I know), but every time I think of him, I smile. All the time I spend with him makes me never want to leave. I was thinking about it tonight, and I came to a realization: after I graduate, I don't care what I do, as long as he's with me. I could work at Target for the rest of my life, and I wouldn't care, as long as we were together. Nothing matters to me except that. And if thats not real love, then I don't know what is.
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