August 1st, 2004


Bullseye! Damn, I missed.

So, for some odd reason, I'm now sleeping double the amount I usually do. I think my body may still be getting used to my medication--last week I can't sleep at all, and this week I can't seem to stay awake. Weird. My dad woke me up this morning and made omelets for breakfast (yummy cheese, black olives, tomatoes and green peppers) then I showered and went to work. Crap. This Sunday was WAY busier than normal. I probably refilled the entire case at least three times. Yet somehow Rodney and I managed to finish five different word searches. They were fun. Actually got out on time, because Rodney helped me with the front. Ugh. I just have to remember that I get a paycheck out of this, and coming home smelling like blood is a small price to pay. Of course, I say that NOW before I have to go back in tomorrow at 6am. The painting job would have been much more fun.
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