August 3rd, 2004


YES!!!!!......I mean, I'm sorry...

*loud slightly insane laughter* So, you'll never guess what happened yesterday. Okay, brief background story. Mike's car is stuck out at Fairesite because it won't start. So Mandy took him to work on Monday. He walked all the way to Target while I was at work, since I was letting him borrow my car until I got off. So we hang out the rest of the day, go see The Bourne Supremacy (good movie, by the way) and just chill until around 10ish. When we get back to his place, Kate and her family are home. Upstairs, in front of the doorway to his room, are Maria (his sword), his Faire notebook, and a letter. From Mandy. BREAKING UP WITH MIKE. After all this planning and scheming and plotting, she goes and does all his work for him! Of course, she's probably thinking she's the bigger person since she broke it off first, and we'll all just let her keep thinking that, won't we. But that mean's Mike's single. And so am I. I'm sure all of you can put the two together. But not for at least a month. And keep your mouths shut!

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