August 20th, 2004


Seratonin Rollercoaster

Sooo......I"m sure an explanation of my last entry would be apropos. Well. Monday, I was way out of it, and since I had just come home to take a shower before work, I forgot to take my medication. Hehe, NOT good idea. So I get to work, and since I'm working with Rodney, I'm already in a slightly hyper mood. That, and I'd just eaten a lot of sugar. Well, around 7ish, Mike and Kris and Brooke showed up on the way to a coffee shop where they were going to hang out. By that time, I was acting like a 3 year old on crack. Lots and LOTS of crack. I was so hyped up I simply couldn't be still for more than 4 seconds at a time. It was Boo in Monsters Inc. where she has to pee really bad--except I didn't have to pee. I'm talking literally bouncing off the walls (only partially because the floor was wet.) And I know I have a weird sense of humor on "normal" days, but Monday night was just more hilarious (to me) than usual. Almost like being drunk AND being on crack. Without either alcohol or drugs involved. In fact, it was the LACK of drugs that caused the situation. Needless to say, I crashed like "Courtney Love on prescription drugs." (Analogy courtesy of Mike.) By the time his alarm went off at 4am so he could go to work, I had fallen so hard that I literally couldn't move to get up. I actually was ASLEEP until 10am. And I only got up because Mike threw Kirah at me. And she didn't want to cuddle. So Tuesday I dragged my ass to work and stared stupidly at the counters. It was....dazed. Yeah. Needless to say, I will be very VERY sure to take my medication EVERY DAY.
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