August 31st, 2004


Time for a quickie

Well, I'm waiting for my Modern II class to start, and since I was here, thought I would give a very brief update. School is working out okay, now that I've gotten over the whole first week info overload thing. My dance classes are awesome. My other classes are pretty cool so far. Springfield still sucks. For some reason my computer refuses to recognize the networking chip, so my brother will have to figure that one out. *sigh* At least then I can update/email at my leisure. Looking forward to going to Faire this weekend, and Marisa's wedding. Should be hectic fun. Need to get off my ass and clean. Oh, yeah, and my punk-ass car is in the shop. AGAIN. FOR THE NINTH TIME. If I could strangle cars, I so would. Damn transmission. So I have Daddy's and I'm paranoid as hell. Is it the weekend yet?
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