September 22nd, 2004


Veiled Thoughts

Okay, so I know I'm a bit slow on getting this post out, but I've been a wee bit busy. So this past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of being one of Prince Habib's Harem Wifes, the virgin, NotTonight. Fun name, eh? Anyway, aside from the slight difficulties of learning how to breathe and eat through a face veil, I had a total blast. Going around with Clay and the girls was so much fun. Somehow or another, I ended up being the extremely spoiled, flirtatious wife, which worked out just perfectly--meaning I got to be loud and obnoxious (in a funny way) AND I got to flirt with all the boys. It was great. Since I'd been going to all the scenario and chess match rehearsals with Mike, I got to know a bunch of the cast, so when I came out in my nifty yellow costume and veils, they, of course, took the opportunity to play with me in character. It was such an ego boost. Reef bought me for five minutes at the end of the day, Wiggins AND Reef tried to steal me several times, I hung all over Preston, who was visiting, and several other people winked, nodded, and smiled lasciviously in my direction. I even had one patron tell me I had beautiful eyes--which I believed, since it was the only thing he could actually see. Of course, Creepy Eddie indirectly hit on me when we encountered him in the lanes (bleh). At the end of the day, I even got to dance with the gypsy dancers at Town Dance. I had a patron staring at me the whole time. It was wonderful. Overall, it was one of the most fun weekends I've had out at Faire. Not to mention the fact that aside from a few scheduled commitments, we had literally nothing to do all day but wander around and talk to people. It was a lot more comfortable than I thought, but I think I'd have to stick to group interactions if I ever wanted to be a street character. Which, I'm thinking if I manage to have time next year, I'd really love to be a gypsy dancer or a whore (that is, if Denise would be so kind as to invite me). I just don't think I'm ready to go back to being a faerie just yet. Not being in the Forest has created a new perspective that I think I would like to enjoy and explore for a while.
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