September 29th, 2004


Mama Mia

No, this isn't about the play (although it's a very good play.) A few months ago, my mother was at work (she works at the Finlay Fine Jewelry counter in the Jones Store at Oak Park Mall) helping to rearrange the display case. While carrying one of the heavy doors from the back of the case, it twisted in her grip and wrenched her right arm around, damaging the cartilage/padding in the socket of her shoulder (the cushy stuff that keeps your bones from grinding against one another.) After living in pain, she finally went in for surgery on it yesterday. I'm not sure of the details, but she was generally anesthetized and was put on tubal oxygen. Everything went okay, but she's still in a lot of pain and now has a sore throat and no voice to boot.

Now, my mom and I don't always get along, but I can honestly say that she has been a great mother to me. Unusually supportive, and generally very wise as well, she's been a great constant in my daily struggle to simply get through one day to the next. We aren't always on the same page concerning a great many issues, and sometimes I don't even think we're reading the same book, but she has done the best she can in raising me, and then some. I hope that she pulls through this all right, and continues on with her dream of starting her own jewelry line; she already has some pieces made and has received many complements on them.

On a side note, my sister is getting initiated into her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta this weekend, and my mom is looking for a leather/suede/glass rose for her (something that won't die or fade.) If anyone knows how to get ahold of one in the Kansas City area before Friday, please comment?
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