October 12th, 2004


So incredibly me it's not even funny...

You're a "Pink Angel". Now, just because
it may be a little bit of a feminin color
doesn't mean you're all girly and whiney.
You're very self-less and love to bring good
news to people because you like seeing people
happy. You have better manners than most and
people love how polite you can be. You're
friends love that they hardley ever get in
arguments with you and can barely get mad at
you! You're friends and family mean so much to
you and it takes more than a fight to break you
away from them. (If you can't see tje pics, go to
my homepage and look near the bottom and find
your result)

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Indecent....Cast Party?

Well, this weekend was my weekend to play. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do.

So I watched the opening at the Front Gate (of course) went and got a program, marked out my schedule for the day, and meandered around. Basically just watched all the Scenario scenes, except for the one that conflicts with the Chess Match. Shopped a little for a specific something (more on that later) and laughed my ass off at De Silva and Winston's Riot at the Gallows preceding the Hanging scene. Had a good time at the Romance contest (yeah Swan!) and the Drum Jam, came home, and snuggled up in bed.

Actually remembered to bring all pieces of my outfit for Cast Party. Pretty much wandered around again, as I was still in civvies. Bought a turkey leg with the last of my money that was SO not worth it. Sat and people watched for a while. Realized just how boring an entire Faire day can be with nothing in particular to do. Opted to skip out on Town Dance and Drum Jam after Scene 6 so I could change and hype myself up (yes, I'm getting to it.) Sat in the parking lot in Jason's car for 20 minutes or so after I got changed. Even practiced getting down on one knee in my 4" boots so I wouldn't fall over. Tried to get Mike to stay in the parking lot until everybody was out there, since everyone I told said "I want to be there when you do it!" Of course, only succeeded in making him paranoid and suspicious. Let him go for the fighters' toast, found Emily and Jessica, and walked in with them, Brooke and Stephen. Mike was standing right next to the tree I wanted him at anyway, so I figured screw it, and went for it. Grabbed his hand, pulled him around the tree and said "Honey, I want to talk to you. You know I love you, and you are my everything, and nothing in the world is more important to me than you. Soo..."--pulled ring out of bosom, got down on one knee without falling over---"...Will you marry me?" Actually had to repeat the question since he was a little distracted the first time. He pulled me up and kissed me, after which I said: "So, that's a maybe?" He said yes, of course he would marry me. (Duh.) Ring was a little big, but he loved it, so that was okay. Spent the rest of the night grinning like an idiot in a total euphoric high. Got to kiss Mike (of course), Jessica, Emily, Val, Jason, Mary, Josh Solito, tease Heather (a lot) tease/get teased by Mike and Emily (melt into puddle here...about that threesome...), watch Mike kiss Lydia and Heather and a couple other people (incredibly sexy, oh my Goddess) have a group grope with Mike, Heather, Josh, Petey and Beth, and told everyone I could find that I'd just gotten engaged. Probably the best Cast Party to date. Even got to swing dance with Stephen up on stage and do some of our nifty tricks. VERY good night.

Freaking COLD!! I should know better by now how to layer! Corrinne dressed me up in some of her extra garb and loaned me her cloak, and I helped watch KDopita all day since the little monkey bastards were out in full force. Plus I stayed mostly dry that way. Brought Mike some soup after Parade, Jessie was kind enough to buy me a crepe (apples, cheese and almonds, yummy), and I sat and chatted with Jessie, Kris and Corrinne all day. Went to the Riot and the Hanging, that was about it. We only lost two little beaded bracelets at the booth, which was practically nothing, Jessie gave all three of us one as a present, helped her break down the booth in about five minutes, and splashed out. Mike was stubborn all day and was a bear popsicle before the day was done, and nearly gave himself hypothermia AGAIN. Got home, threw him in the shower. He passed out in bed, I made him some Ramen noodles, fed him, then passed out next to him.

Decided to be a very bad girl today and skip school, staying in Kansas City. Have to go back tomorrow since I have midterms. Blech. But I'll be back again Friday night for Last Weekend. Yeah!

Also need to figure out how to tell my not-so-understanding parents that I got engaged. Not looking forward to it. But I don't care. I've got my Dark Bear, and we're officially Getting Married!
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