November 11th, 2004


*Growl* *giggle*

Werewolves of folklore differ greatly from modern
renditions seen in movies and shows. People
believed there were many ways to become
werewolves, such as drinking rainwater
collected in a wolf's pawprint, eating meat
gnawed on by a wolf, or being born with a full
set of teeth or covered in a caul. And unlike
movie werewolves, werewolves of old were
oftentimes harmless and highly honorable!

As a werewolf, you are loyal, strong and honorable,
and you will protect all you hold dear with
your very life. Although you are not a violent
individual at heart, you will fight for what
you believe in. You are a good friend and truly
are a wonderful person to be around.

Who is your inner Shapeshifter?
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Information lemming

I had just recently been thinking along these lines, and when this opportunity presented itself, I decided to take it.

This is a problem with LJ: there is an illusion of intimacy, but in actuality we may know nothing about each other. This meme might help. If you like, ask me something (more than question if that is what comes to mind) you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

You may also post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.
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Honk! Callback Results

Thanks to all of you who thought happy thoughts for me for my callback on Tuesday.
Well the results are in ladies and gentlemen....

I'm a Baby Ducky!!!!

Named Beaky.

But I have more than three lines, and a name, and I even get to sing! (Don't know about solo parts yet.)

If anyone is interested, I know this is way in advance, but the show dates are February 10-13 (that's a Thurs-Sun). Hope some of you can come!
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