December 13th, 2004


Restraint and Control

No, I'm not speaking of vocal editing or even corseting (though Denise's post certainly made me think about it.) Nope, I'm talking about Stanislavski, the acting coach, and his book "Building a Character." Specifically, the sixth chapter. Over which I just wrote over a legal-sized paper on in very small handwriting. Awesome. Think I totally aced it. Hopefully it will pull up my grade. Amazingly enough, Stanislavski writes a pretty interesting book, if you get over the fact that its main purpose is to serve as a how-to book. The concept of writing it like an imaginary acting class is rather intriguing. Plus I did good on my Tap final earlier today--not perfect, but more than just fairly decent. Only three more left to go, and then I get to come home!
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