August 9th, 2005


Wedding Woe......oh, not so much.

Well, I THOUGHT I had wedding problems until I read this. This poor woman has more issues than I do. All I have to worry about is who, when, where, and how the hell we're going to pay for it.

Speaking of which, Thursday night Mike and I had a wonderful conversation with Jana, and she kindly (and without prompting) offered us the use of her newly acquired property. Which would be fabulous. Of course, if we do opt to take Jana up on her offer, we'll have to change the month--October is a little unpredictable for an outdoor wedding.

In other wedding news, I had a complete nervous breakdown Sunday over all the stress this is causing me (trying to plan a wedding, finish school, find a place to live, AND pay for all of it). But it had a decidedly unexpected surprise: my sister, who up to this point I wasn't sure was even coming to the wedding, offered to be my maid of honor. And since that was what I had been planning on ever since the first time Mike and I had discussed getting married, I was more than happy. (This doesn't mean you're not in the wedding, Shannon! Now I just have a maid and a matron of honor.) So, very good.

It's a good thing I like making lists, because that's all I seem to be doing lately. Of course, having absolutely NO idea how to plan a wedding--seeing as I've never been married before--it's driving me a little crazy. Getting together with my mom tomorrow night to go over stuff--probably will involve lots of crying and shouting, but will hopefully be productive. Now if I could just get the fiance to sit down and go over some of this stuff with me...
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Maybe....Maybe Not


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