May 5th, 2006



Strikes against the tinder,
Once, twice, three times.
Spark ignites.
Bursting, glorious blaze,
Calms, smoldering steadily.
Infrequent flickers, left or right, but still burns.
Inching onward, consuming wood,
Blackening, twisting, shriveling.
Torch dies, flame extinguished.
Yet at the tip, faint glow remains,
Memory of heat.
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Algebra class.
I hate math.
All the numbers never seem to make sense.
I punched in the formula my teacher gave me.
Why won’t this stupid equation work?
Oh, I accidentally hit a 3 instead of a 2.
There, that makes much more sense.
Let’s check out the graph; oh, cool.
My teacher calls it an asymptote.
Whatever, I just think it looks cool.
I guess Algebra isn’t so bad.
Then we got a huge assignment.
I hate math.
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    apathetic apathetic