June 26th, 2006


Oh, yes, today is the suckage.

Well, I've had just about the most craptastic day ever. As you may have inferred from my last post, I got no sleep. AT ALL. And not for lack of trying. I was lights out by 11:15 and even took 2 Vicoprofen to help me off to la-la land. Which, of course, failed to do squat. Stumbled out of bed at 5 to go with Anne Marie to work, and got to Health Services at 6:15. Then waited outside until 7. Checked in, and thankfully got to my appointment way early. Got told to go BACK to the doctor I'd already seen, no clear information about workman's comp except a number to call, and I still have to go back to the Magic Kingdom to see about modified duty.

So. Done with appointment at 9:30. Now, me, thinking I was all smart and prepared, went online last night and charted a route on the Lynx bus system so I could get back home. And voila, whaddaya know, there's a link right there in the parking lot. So I sit down to wait for the bus. For an HOUR. And finally ask someone, who tells me that, no, Lynx doesn't connect here. After walking to and from the Health Services building yet again, I ask the ever-so-UNfriendly security guard if he knows how I can get to a bus line. He tells me to take the Epcot cast buses, and "they have signs that tell you where to go." GRRRRR. Go to bus stop, wait for bus,---get on bus going wrong direction. Okay, that's fine, I'll just ride it around. Of course, stupid me gets OFF the bus when it gets back to where it started, because I freak out that it's not going to go where I want it. Of course, it DOES. I get fed up and just start walking in the direction I know I need to go in. Course, that's a lot faster when you're riding a bus than when you're limping along on your own one and a half legs. A couple of nice security patrol people gave me a lift--for the last block that I had to walk--and told me I could take the monorail to the Lynx station...in the Magic Kingdom. *sigh*

So. Got on the monorail--in the right direction, thank the gods--and went to the Magic Kingdom. Found the station without too much hassle and didn't even have to wait too long in the sun. It even took me to the place I was trying to get to in the first place. And it only took another half an hour. FINALLY get to the Central Station where the connecting bus to Downtown Kissimmee is, and have to wait another 20 minutes. I should tell you it's about 12:45 by now. Bus leaves at a little after 1, and I'm on the last leg of my journey.

But, it's mid-afternoon, and what does that mean? LOTS OF PEOPLE. So I end up sandwiched into a corner by strangers who have no sense of personal boundaries, questionable hygiene, and annoying voices and/or loud cell phones. At least since I know where I'm going now, I can read my book and ignore my surroundings. 

And what do you know, to top off the whole fucking day, I get off at my stop---and get to walk the last six blocks in the pouring rain. Oh, fucking joy. Needless to say, I was cold, wet, tired, frustrated and miserable when I got home. To find ants had infested my apartment. Oh, MOTHER fucking joy. I think I'm going to make some mint tea, curl up in my bed and cry. Excuse me.
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