June 30th, 2006



I'm getting very tired--no pun intended--of insomnia. It wasn't quite as bad last night, but it still took me until 3am to fall asleep. Which would have been fine, if I had not had to get up early because my apartment was being sprayed. Hooray for the spraying, boo for the getting up early.

I had some vague plans about getting out to Health Services today and taking care of the paperwork, but a massive headache decided that was not a good idea. So I stayed home and ate lunch, and read, hoping it would go away. Finished the last Wheel of Time novel, "Knife of Dreams" and immediately had an "oh, shit" moment when I realized I have NO idea when the last book is supposed to come out. Damn it. Brief jaunt over to the library to return the book, and see if they had the new Laurell K. Hamilton book--all the copies were reserved--and one of the Bedlam's Bard series that I had forgotten to read before I picked up the newest--they did, but they couldn't find it. *sigh* But I snagged the newest Jaqueline Carey novel, "Kushiel's Scion," and the new Terry Brooks, "Straken." Here's hoping I can remember enough of both series to figure out what's going on.

Started on the new Kelly Armstrong book, "Broken," and decided my headache was not getting any better. Took a couple ibuprofen and laid down....4 hours later, woke up again. Now, why is it I can sleep in the middle of the day, but not at night? And yes, I've tried the not taking naps thing, and it doesn't help. Got up, had a sandwich, finished my book. Mike called; he's got a horrible migraine, so didn't talk long.

Hoping I can go to sleep sometime in the next couple of hours--yeah, I know, I shouldn't have taken such a long nap, but I was TIRED. Oh, well. Maybe I'll get out to Health Services tomorrow, and if not, see if I can talk Anne Marie into going with me on Saturday. Oh, the dreariness of being stuck at home. Blah.
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*bounce bounce bounce*

I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow! I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow! I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow!

Well, it would have been today if I'd heard the FedEx guy knock on the door. Oh, well.

Nothing exciting today. Slept in late, had an interesting dream about being a Power Ranger (dude, I would LOVE to be a Power Ranger!) and putzed around the house. Went back over to the library to see if they'd found "Bedlam's Edge," and got "A New Spring," the prequel by Robert Jordan. Well, they hadn't found it, but I realized it wasn't part of the series, but just a compilation novel. So, pooh. Fine then. Finished "A New Spring," and will start on "Music to my Sorrow," the new Bedlam's Bard book by Mercedes Lackey. Still hoping to get ahold of "Danse Macabre" without buying it.

Did practically nothing today, except wash some dishes and make tuna salad. Yum. With hard-boiled egg. More yum. Gots to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and get my paperwork turned in. The Maingate office (the head office for performers) called me today to "make sure I wasn't slipping through the cracks." The lady was very nice and concerned. I reassured her and that was that. Nice of them to call, though.

Well, it's still kind of early, so I think I'll start on another book! Oy, sometimes it's RIDICULOUS how fast I read.
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