January 15th, 2010

Bambi Thumper Oh GOD


Passed out last night before I got a chance to post. Plus my computer has this lovely way of deciding to shut off by itself without doublechecking with me first. Jerk. Anyway.
Got to hang out with my friend Pooh Bear yesterday!! And of course it was JUST warm enough--finally--down here that I was sweating. Bleh. But it was still fun; haven't hung out with Pooh on set in probably a year and a half. And I had good guys chilling with Tigger. Managed to actually see Tim before he headed out to his poker game; we even started watching District 9 (um, ew! btw) I don't get to see him nearly as much as I would like, but that's work for you. And I don't want him to feel like I'm being clingy. Came home, took a loooonnggg hot shower for my aching back, and vegged out watching CSI: NY and Criminal Minds. I'm addicted to crime shows. They make me feel smart when I figure out who it is first. And everything is always wrapped up at the end of an hour! How neat! Okay, that was yesterday, new post for today, before I forget.
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Pooh Eyebrows

Day off!! Sorta...

Only day off this week, and what did I do? Got up early to go to the doctor's. Proceeded to get lost along the way, so I was 30 min late for my appointment. I did call them, however, and tell them what was going on. So, finally got there, the fit me in, saw my new doctor; she was nice, if a bit rushed, but that's understandable. Pap smear and culture, set an appointment for a mammogram, and went to the lab next door to get blood drawn. A little extensive, I know, but I figured it was probably a good idea to get a full screening done, just in case. Came home, did laundry/took a nap, and straightened up a little. Called Tim, but he has dinner plans tonight, so I might order pizza and watch some anime. He did, however, invite me to dinner on Saturday with his parents at Boma's at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Not gonna make too big a deal out of it, but for the boy who can barely plan ahead, this is good. Plus, his mother LOVES me. To bits and pieces. Which is VERY good, since he adores her. Hope all goes well.

And I STILL haven't gotten my Christmas present yet! I'm convinced it's dirty lingerie. Glad he liked his present though--got him the standard smelly stuff and boxers. I told him I always bought him boxers so that whenever he got dressed--or undressed--he would think of me. *wink* I also bought him an iPod. Not a new one, one that I found refurbished on eBay. He lost his and I knew he was upset about it, so I searched for one for that was fairly inexpensive online. But that wasn't the best part! I went through my iTunes library and made a playlist of all the songs that made me think of him, or that I thought he would like, or were just plain funny. So, yeah, I made him a hi-tech mix tape. Don't judge. *grin* He used it for the marathon on Sunday, and thankfully it didn't even glitch! (His old one used to freeze all the time.) So yay for me giving good presents!

Hmmmm....kinda starving. Pizza is good. Will order and veg. Holler!!
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