January 17th, 2010

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At the Castle today. Went pretty fast, even though I nearly died at least four times--it's tough, when you're used to working with one person, to adjust your performance to someone else. I like working with John, but Matt was lots of fun today too. Got to work with Tim too, although he was playing his PSP a lot. Still feeling really insecure about him. I mean, nothing is really official, but still...if you say you love someone, shouldn't that mean something? Worried about him still flirting with other girls...and more than flirting, even though he says he's not. I don't know about you, but you shouldn't be sexting anyone than the person you're currently sleeping with. And if you're sleeping with me than you shouldn't be sleeping with anyone else. No proof, though. I want to believe him, but there's still that nagging doubt in the back of my head. Hate that stupid little voice. It makes me physically sick to think about him with someone else. I know, if I'm that unsure, I should just give up. Trust me, easier said than done.
Opted to stay home tonight instead of a birthday party; just cleaned and vegged watching some Inuyasha. Haha, it's been awhile since I've watched it; better start making use of my Netflix again.
Unfortunate news, the dinner tomorrow night with his parents and sister isn't going to work out. The only time they could get reservations was at 4:30, and I don't get off work until 6:15. Really disappointed about that; I haven't seen his parents in at least a year, and I've never met his sister. (I have met one, in CA. He has four.) He's promised to take me to Boma's, the restaurant, some other time, and says next family dinner he's inviting me again. I sure hope so.
Not feeling so great, think it's time to go to bed. Castle Show again tomorrow...
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This whole journal entry per day thing is harder than I thought it would be. Yesterday was nothing special. At the Castle again, with Matt. First show got downed because of rain. Second show, one of our casting directors came and watched--that is to say, judged. Everyone always freaks out about it, but here's what I figure: she's a human being just like the rest of us, so there's no reason to be absolutely petrified of her. And besides, she's getting the same show everybody else does, and that's 150% every time. So if she's not going to like it, she's not going to like it. End of story. See, my performance is the same level, every time. Unlike some other performers, who half-ass it 5 days a week and only ACTUALLY do their job when they know someone is watching. Unprofessional. And irritating, to say the least.
Nothing much else. Came home, tried to eat, didn't work, so I had alcohol instead. =) Passed out early, watching Inuyasha. Still woke up several times. *sigh*
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Meeko Oy

Could be...?

In Pixie Hollow today. Met some absolutely ADORABLE kids today. One little girl had met Tinkerbell the previous day at the Neverland club and sure did try to take me home with her today. Luckily, she met my twinsy, Katie, who was hanging with Tink yesterday, so it worked out well. (Katie and I look so much alike EVERYONE gets us mixed up. It's hilarious.) Three little boys talked AT me for a good 2 minutes today; had NO idea what they were saying, but they were great. All in all a pretty good day, except for the fact that my stomach is still upset. I don't know what's wrong with it; the past couple days I've just felt nauseated all day, and it's a struggle to get any food down. Not good, I know, I really don't need to lose any more weight. I have a suspicion to what might be causing it, (no, I'm not pregnant) but there's no real connection. Hung out with Tim after work, finished watching District 9. Gotta say, I liked it (the alien weapons were AWESOME!) but it's a very sad movie. And it reminded me a lot of Starship Troopers, though much more well done. Anyway, he had to go meet up with his sister, so I came home, talked to the roomies for a while, and probably going to head to bed soon. Tummy hates me and I have a long day tomorrow.
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