January 20th, 2010

Ursula Badunkadunk

Breakfast in Wonderland

It should be duly noted that I am NOT a morning person. Therefore, getting up at 4:30am is not, by any stretch of the imagination, FUN. However, getting to visit Wonderland for breakfast is worth the effort. And so is the 3:15pm out time. =)
Up WAY too early. Was supposed to work with Shaunathan today, but he called in, so was with James instead. Not necessarily good, but not so bad either. He spent most of the time talking about his upcoming wedding. (The fact that HE'S getting married gives me hope for the rest of us.) Got to work with Jackie too; she humped me, as per our usual, in the morning. We actually spent most of our breaks together too; Grand Floridian breakfast for face characters is easy--one rotation around the restaurant and you can go on break. Hence, the faster you go around, the faster you sit down. And she's pregnant again! Due in September and hoping for a girl this time around. Her little boy Jackson is SOO cute!!
So sets were pretty good, a couple really cute families, especially the little boy who thought the Mad Hatter was being VERY rude wearing his hat inside, especially when I told him it was bad manners. We yelled. *grin*
Tea party was easy; only five kids, and they were all pretty talkative, so no really awkward pauses. Finished up, changed and chatted with Carly for a little bit. Ran into Luke too; having dinner with him tomorrow night. Saw Tim, he's going out with his sister again tonight; I wish I could be mad about it, but I know the crap she's going through at his house so I can't really blame him. We're doing lunch tomorrow. Stayed up WAY too late watching TV. Bedtime.