January 23rd, 2010

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Girls talk too much

At the Castle with John today. You know, I love him dearly, but the fact that he mentally checks out before the end of the scene really sort of irks me. I mean, I take immeasurable pride in my performance, and I strive to give each show the utmost. When other people don't do the same, I find it extremely unprofessional. If you are supposed to be portraying a well-known character in a scene in which an evil villain has come to make threats and blow things up, you should react appropriately. Not stand there and complain about the sun being in your eyes or the fact that you're hot; we know, we're ALL on the same stage. And the thing is, I know he can do it, just half the time he doesn't care.
All in all though, it was a really great day. I've been trying to remember to see things from a guest's point of view--this may be the only time that guest ever sees this character, and I should make each moment as magical and memorable as I possibly can. It worked today! I had a magical moment in every single show; not gonna lie, I may have even gotten a little teary-eyed. Remembering what it feels like on the other side of the wig reminds me of why I came here in the first place.
It was a wonderful day...right up until the time the new schedules came out. I had been desperately hoping to be training in the Block Party Bash Parade over at the Hollywood Studios. And for some unknown and illogical reason, I am NOT. I am beyond furious at this. I cannot even tell you how upset this has made me. I have been waiting for 2 1/2 YEARS to learn this parade, and what do they do?? Train people who HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED WORKING FOR THE COMPANY YET. I'm just getting mad all over again. Enough said.
Went out to dinner with Carly. She wanted to know my "story" with Tim. I warned her it was a long one, and it was; I talked about it for at least three solid hours. And that was just hitting the key points. Okay, so I might have over shared a little, but I told her the parts that *I* thought were important to our relationship. And yes, I told him I was doing it, and I even asked him what I should tell her about us. He said, "Just tell her that I love you, that should be good enough." Well, she still thinks I'm an idiot (and I can't say she's entirely wrong) but she says it because she cares. I need to find her a boy.
Out a little later than I planned; need to go to bed since I have to get up at 4:30am. Ayah.
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