January 31st, 2010


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Well...while going over to Tim's might have been well worth the trip, I sure paid for it today.
In Pixie Hollow with Aaron and Bri. Had a blast with them, including a screaming contest with a little boy named Brody. Don't worry, it was happy screaming. Couple of stinking adorable kids, including a little boy named Corbin who I just wanted to eat up!! Wanted to keep him forever, but he said if he did that, then his mommy would have to find another Corbin, and he wouldn't like that at all......PRECIOUS!!!
Went to dinner with Tim; his idea actually! He asked me yesterday what I was doing after work today and since I wasn't doing anything asked me if I'd like to come to dinner. Of course, he couldn't really think of a place to go, so we ended up at Wendy's. Haha, it's okay, it was actually really good. Loved seeing Tim though; it doesn't matter what we do, I just like being with him. Wanted to hang out with him more that night, but he had some errands he had to run, so he wasn't going straight home. He said he would text me later, but I came home and put on some Inuyasha..then passed out during one of the episodes. Figured it was time to go to bed at that point. Bedtime; Castle in the morning!
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