February 5th, 2010

Peter Pan Peek

Sick days are no fun

Had to call in to work today. I had two doctor appointments that I couldn't get any other day, and NO ONE could take my shift. It's okay, I have call sick frees, and I got a note from my doctor saying I had an appointment that day so I won't get in trouble.
First appointment went well: got my blood work results back, and hooray hooray, no nasty diseases or other huge problems. Second appointment was interesting; I had to go get a mammogram, because my doctor thought she might have felt some lumps in my breasts a few weeks ago. Never had one before, so that was interesting. They did an ultrasound first, then showed them to the doctor to see if I actually needed a mammogram. They left me in the room for like a half an hour, but it was okay, I took a nap. For whatever reason, the doctor (whom I never saw, by the way) decided I should get a mammogram, so went and did that too. Those things are NOT comfortable. Me no likey. And I felt really awkward all morning not wearing any deodorant. Ick. Got my laundry done in between, and figured it was a good time to get my hair done, since it had been over a month. Liked the girl who did it; she went fast, but she was actually more careful about my hairline than the people who had done it before. For some reason though it didn't turn out as dark as it usually does, so I might have to tell them to leave it on longer next time. Like the cut too, but I hate it when they blow-dry it all flipped under; I look like a freaking soccer mom. Had to come home to take a shower anyway, so I just re-wet it and restyled it.
Went to Grant's housewarming party tonight!! I'm so proud of my little boy; buying a house and getting a contract with Tokyo! Such a good boy!! And he has a PUPPY!!! His name is Linus and he's a Chi-Weenie!! (Chihuahua/dachshund mix.) He's SO CUTE and he fell asleep in my lap. Wish Tim would have been there, but he had to go back to Titusville again. Hung out for a while with a bunch of people from work, but I gots to go back to work tomorrow and I need sleep. Hooray Castle Show!!
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