February 16th, 2010

Wesley As You Wish


Yesterday was wonderful. It was simple, it was sweet, it was planned in advance with foresight and care. It meant a lot to me.
Today, however, was not. Yes, I know only getting four hours of sleep was my fault (and Tim's) but still. 4:30am and I DO NOT get along.
G. Fla. was fun though. I got to work with Chesney for the first time, and Shaunathan actually showed up! I think all of us were pretty loopy today, and it's a good thing we decided to come in, because almost everyone thought about not coming! Restaurant was crowded and I didn't do my voice any favors by screaming at the children. Who were mostly cute for all that--except for the irritating Brazilian sisters who followed me around for a good 15 minutes. I scolded them soundly when I finally got to their table. They, of course, thought it was hilarious. Really, what is it about Brazilians and being rude!? Oh, and I saw a little girl today that I had met yesterday at the Teacups! Making Magic all over the place, that's me! The reason I remember her is because she told me her name was Jane Alice, so of course I was suitably impressed. She was really cute though.
Tim actually made it to work on time without me calling to wake him up. He left my house this morning with me and went back home and back to bed. (Jealous.) Only saw him for a little bit today since he was doing Show, and I was so tired I took a nap instead of playing video games with him.
Spectro was LOOONNNGGGG..... Was supposed to be a spare but I got turned into an unhappy fat man with a beard. Not too bad, I'm just exhausted. Good group tonight though. 18 hour days are not fun no matter how you look at them, and I'm missing turnaround tomorrow by 15 minutes. Yay 16 hour Spare day!! (Sarcasm there.) Would be more detailed but I'm just wiped out.
Can I just say however, that I am so happy right now? I'm trying to live in the moment, and this moment, I am so in love. I'm just saying; that's all.
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