February 25th, 2010

Bill Drama

The things we do when we're alone...

Off today!! Slept in like crazy since I went to bed so late last night. Okay, I got up at noon, but I was hardcore asleep most of that time. Fooled around on the computer, talked to Lucas for a while (he's coming in town in May!), then Nick texted me again about Holt, that guy I met last night. Told him I still wasn't interested, and he got mad at me. I don't like it when my friends get mad at me, especially when they're good friends and get mad at me about Tim. He just doesn't understand. I keep saying that, and I know that someone somewhere is going, "You not any different, and it's not any different either." Yeah, I know. And you know what? I don't care.
So now I'm upset, so I text Tim and tell him about the conversation. He doesn't like it any better than I do, but what are we going to do about it? I tell him I don't care what anybody thinks, I love him and that's what matters. Even if he does make me mad occasionally. He replies, "Occasionally??" Haha, it's true, he does tend to average about once a month. But it's always about the same thing, and he IS learning. Compared to 2008 when I was upset with him 75% of the time, he got it down to 50% and right now he's holding at about 20%. So I'd say that's a DEFINITE improvement. He's learning. Anyway. Keep texting him throughout the day about really nothing at all. He has to work from 4:00 to about 11:00, but we agreed to hang out afterward. And he actually suggested coming to MY house! I was very pleasantly surprised! Like I've said, he doesn't come over very often because he's not really friends with my roommates, but he said eventually he's going to have to get used to it. I'm kinda proud of him. While I'm talking to Tim I figured I would use my time wisely. I'd bought another cubby for my shoes, so I put it together and reorganized all my footwear. I must say, it looks much better now that my shoes aren't exploding out of my closet. Spent some time straightening up, too, since Tim was going to be coming here later. I know, his room is a total mess, but I try to keep my neat, and while it may not be a magazine cover, at least I picked up all the clothes off the floor. Well, since he's at work tonight, and I've been meaning to hang out with Luke, I text him and we decide to go see Shutter Island. I'd told Tim I was going to a movie while he was working, but I didn't say with whom....until he asked. Well, I wasn't going to lie to him, so I told him it was just me and Luke. He wasn't pleased, but he wasn't mad; he said no, he doesn't like me hanging out with Luke, but Luke's my friend, and "as long as your not doing the same stuff with him as you do with me than it's whatever." Riiiggghhhtt..like I would do that! But I'll give him points: he may not like me hanging out with his rival, but he also didn't say that I shouldn't or couldn't. And, he showed just the tiniest bit of jealousy, which I kind of appreciated. Tim totally made my night, though, when, in the middle of the conversation he just randomly texts me, "Can't wait to see you." I won't lie; I got a little teary-eyed and did a little happy dance. I mean, it's so simple, nothing stupid or dirty mentioned, just a little eagerness to spend time with me. I'll admit it; I squeeed.
Off to Shutter Island with Luke. I had a couple of certificates that I'd been meaning to use, so I told him I was getting the tickets, and he went and got candy. (Which I did not eat nearly enough of, but I was engrossed in the movie.) It's always fun hanging out with Luke; he's really easy to talk to, and we always banter back and forth about stupid stuff. Chatted a little before and after the movie, but it was too cold to stick around outside for long. Plus I was on my way home to hang out with Tim (but Luke didn't know that.) Gotta say, that movie is a trip! Won't mention any spoilers here, but let's just say I wasn't really expecting that! I would definitely recommend it! Oh, yeah, and checked my phone on the way out the theater, and guess who had called AND texted me?? Yeah, Holt. Does not give up, that boy. I did NOT respond again. Texted Tim on my way home and he left his house around when I got back. Just killing time before he gets here--oh! there he is! Have a good night everyone; I know I will! *wink*
B&B Ripped Portrait

Lazy Day Afternoon

Sometimes, you just need a day where you don't do anything at all. Especially when you're snuggled up next to the man you love and neither of you have to get up early. *grin* Tim came over last night as I was posting my entry for the day. We snuggled up in bed and watched a few episodes of Inuyasha. Can I just say that I love the fact that he not only likes anime but will come over and watch it with me?? We're such dorks together. Needless to say, we didn't go to sleep until extremely late. So late, in fact, that I didn't even hear my alarm go off at 6:15am that I forgot to unset. Slept, slept some more, didn't sleep, slept again. I didn't crawl out of bed to take a shower until 2:45, and that was only because I had Spectro tonight, and he had rehearsal. Otherwise, I don't think we would have gotten up at all. I was so warm and comfortable; for that moment, there was not anywhere else in the world I wanted to be. I wish I could have stopped time.
But I couldn't, so I had to go to work. Tonight I was friends with the narcoleptic dwarf, and it was fun having my friends keep waking me up down parade route. And it was COLD!! Even wearing the equivalent of a fire-resistant blanket, a parka, and a bucket on my head I didn't even sweat, only got a little overly warm. And my hair actually managed to look decent after I was done. Cool! Saw Tim as he was going in for rehearsal, then ran to Target and got some Chipotle for dinner. I was absolutely starving; I'd hardly eaten anything yesterday, and didn't have any food until 5pm today, so I was desperate for some food. Came home and watched the rest of my Inuyasha, and as I'm laying there got ANOTHER text from Holt. Somehow he found out Tim's name (probably from Nick, the jerk.) I don't know how many ways I can say it: I'm not available, I'm not single, and I'm not interested. Oh, and he has the GALL to text me that he's "heard he's just not that into you though." Oh. My. God. WHY can't everyone just mind their own business?! I'm HAPPY. Okay? HAPPY! That's ALL that matters!! It doesn't matter what label you put on it; it doesn't matter what's happened in the past; it doesn't matter what you think is best for me!! This is what *I* want, and the rest of you be damned!! *sigh* And from a total stranger, no less. I bet he got his intel from Nick. I have half a mind to text that boy and tell him to BUTT OUT. Gah!! I need to go to bed. Castle Show with Tim tomorrow.