March 4th, 2010

Bambi Thumper Oh GOD

I can see clearly now....

Eye appointment today. Gosh, how I love getting up early when I don't have to. Bleh. Pretty easy though, in and out in less than an hour. Found out my vision has slightly worsened since I'd been there last, less than six months ago, but only by a quarter degree. Ordered new contacts and discussed getting my LASIK surgery. Looks like it's probably going to be mid to late June. Not too long to wait. Plus my doctor gave me an info CD with a $500 off coupon. Sweet!
Came home, finished my laundry, took a cat nap. Wow, I'm so interesting. Headed off to a freezing Spectro with the British blonde. It wasn't too bad, but my fingers were frozen stiff, and I do mean that literally. My waves probably looked demented. And they were bright red from the cold. My bunny buddy was a girl named Ally. Never worked with her before, but she was fun. We talked about work and how their system for choosing rehearsal processes seriously left something to be desired.
After Spectro headed over to Kissimmee to a place called Boston Lobster Feast with Micah. It was really good! Lots of selection from the buffet, even if the octopus salad was really scary and I don't think I'll ever eat lobster again. (It squished at me!) But the crab legs were amazing; I only wish they didn't take so long to eat.
Grant and Sarah's goodbye party was tonight too, so Micah and I both went to Bahama Breeze after dinner to see them. I'm going to miss both of them so much!! Both are really good friends of mine, and so much fun to hang out with. I haven't seen Grant in almost a month and that was way too long; how am I going to stand SEVEN months?!?! Need to get Skype as soon as possible. And definitely want to go visit Tokyo. Would have loved to go to the audition in a few weeks, but I just can't afford it. It was good seeing everyone tonight though.
Well, I didn't do much, but I'm getting old, and therefore it is time for bed. Castle Show tomorrow. Night!
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