March 22nd, 2010

Michael Shake It

We're pumping up the party now!!

Nothing like a 11 hour spare shift and only doing 75 minutes worth of work! Spare Pixie today! Was super tired still when I woke up this morning; I slept like the dead. Brooke and Katie both came in though, so I went to the Teacups. Fun times! First set I rode with a little boy who was all excited to see me--until I stepping into the teacup. Promptly burst into tears. Well, I got him calmed down, even though he was still crying, but he was laughing and smiling too! Florida weather. Then I got to do a roaming set. It was great fun. I didn't stand in any one place, and whenever people would start crowding around me I would take off in the opposite direction. Haha, you shoulda seen the hordes of people that were trailing me! It was ridiculous. Second set I rode with this adorable little British girl named Hannah Lilly. She didn't say much, but she had such a gorgeous little smile. Regular set this time around, and nothing special. New casting came out today; I'm to be a Global Sub. I'm okay with this; I didn't really expect to stay up at the Castle, though I would have liked to, and hopefully this means I'll be learning the Electrical Light Parade and maybe some other stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed for new opportunities. And praying that I won't get stuck somewhere six days a week. Saw Tim for lunch, then just sat around wasting time waiting for Group 3 to come in. Wanted to watch the first Hoedown, but Lindsey W. was scheduled and she's the one that hasn't been showing up, so I had to stay downstairs until she got there. Showed up, thank gods, so I snuck upstairs to watch Luke do stilts in MiSiCi. (That's Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It for you laypeople.) It was a lot of fun; I even got out in the street and danced, though I probably monopolized more of his attention than I should have. While I was waiting for them to come out there was this little girl standing on the curb next to me, and when she heard the music start she broke out into the funniest dance moves I've ever seen--shaking her butt back and forth, then making tiger claws and wiggling. It was hysterical!! I think I may have a new 3-year-old dance. Met up with Greg, Katie and Luke back downstairs and chatted with them for a while, then went and found Tim before he had to go to Spectro. All this while still on the clock. Yeah, that's right, I did TWO sets all day long. I rock. Ran to Target to get some toilet paper and Goldfish, now I think I'll watch some FMA and pass out. Castle Show and Spectro tomorrow!
Food Log:
12 oz. Sprite
1 serving side corn
1 plain bagel with peanut butter
1 serving pound cake
1 bite chicken sandwich
(1 box raspberries)
(1 bag popcorn)
(1 can soda)
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