March 24th, 2010


Misery loves company....because then it can point and laugh.

Today was indeed a miserable day. Not because of work, no sir, but because my body is trying to kill itself. Was watching FMA last night when all of a sudden my nose starts dripping. Oh, great. Grab the tissues, think it's no big deal. Lie. I spend the rest of the night sneezing and coughing, blowing my nose at least 60 times, and hoping my eardrums didn't rupture from the pressure. My allergies are so bad I can barely function. Went through over 3/4 of a new box of tissues JUST last night. Got up around 3am to take 2 decongestants and two allergy pills, which did nothing. Was THISCLOSE to calling in, but today was Castle Show into Spectro and that's a lot of money I'd be losing. Decided to tough it out for as long as I could. Everyone was very sympathetic, since I looked as awful as I felt (though my makeup held up, thank goodness.) Funny though; when I went on stage, suddenly my congestion cleared up enough that I could breathe, but as soon as we were done with show it came back with a vengeance. Stuck it out all through Castle Show. REALLY should have left then like Tim told me to, but I figured, 5.5 more hours for just one parade? I'll be fine. Of course, I got pulled. To hang out with Sneezy, no less. Ironically appropriate, I felt. Did the whole parade with tissues stuffed up my nose; it was either that, or leak snot all over myself. Daddy called me in a couple prescriptions at Target; must go get those tomorrow. Still can't breathe, still leaking, still miserable. But I can't call in tomorrow, because I have my Star Wars fitting at 2. However, if I'm still this awful, I may have to shift release from ToonTown. I hate to do it, but I can't talk to children "iv by boice dounds lig dis." Is no bueno. Going to drug myself up on some Nyquil (which I mistakenly took this morning--oops) and pass out. Night.
Food Log:
Approx. 6oz. mint tea
1 banana
2 blueberry PopTarts
1/4 chocolate chip muffin
1 fruit bowl
1 bottle cranberry/apple/raspberry juice
1 serving white rice w/ buffalo sauce
1 oats 'n' honey granola bar
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Black Cauldron Memories

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Feeling SOOOOO much better today. Still not 100%, but way less miserable than yesterday. Stayed in bed until 11:30am. Slept with tissues stuffed up my nose, because my poor little olfactory receptor can't handle any more wiping. Could ALMOST breath through my nose today. Went to get in the shower, but Sheilah beat me to it. Damnit. I woke up earlier than I needed to so I could get my prescriptions, but now I'm not gonna have time. Well, guess I'll just keep taking the allergy pills and the decongestants. Got ready just in time and had a couple minutes to spare to go get a smoothie from Planet Smoothie. Got to the Studios in plenty of time, changed, and got a map to show me how to get to Creative Costuming. Found it the first time I tried and checked in at the lobby. It was so bizarre; they had these miniature mock-ups of the princes and princesses costumes from day parade on display and I couldn't stop staring at them. It was so weird; seeing the costumes that people wear every day so small and exactly replicated. What a trip. Finally got called back to my fitting, where they took me to a little room where the costume had been laid out, and told me to get dressed. Okay, so you want me to try on the costume--again. Had problems with the leg greaves buckling--again. Asked them for a smaller shoe size--again. Took pictures in the costume--again. Could just be me, but is anybody else getting a feeling of deja vu here?? Afterwards went to Cosmotology where they fit me for a headpiece. First one I tried on was a match, so that took all of five minutes. Still unclear if this was a final type-out or if they're planning on using all four of us that got scheduled a second fitting. Heard it both ways; whatever, I made it this far, we'll just see what happens. Left straight from there to head to Magic Kingdom for Pixie Hollow. Tim was kinda mad that I hadn't shift released until he saw me; he still wasn't happy that I was at work, but I told him I was feeling much better, and besides, it was only 2 45min sets and one 30. Easy. I love that he cares about me enough to get mad when I'm not taking care of myself. I don't think he was really mad at me, just concerned, but still, it makes me feel good that he worries. Sets went by really fast; nothing really special, but we did have a lot of cute kids. Matt and LeShawn were funny too. Wanted to hang out with Tim after I got done, but he was still at his poker game. Was just gonna go home and chill, but Luke texted me and asked if I was going to Jillian's party. I had wanted to, but I was still feeling under the weather so I wasn't sure. He practically begged me to go; when I asked him why, he said he needed me to run interference on this girl--apparently she just broke up with her boyfriend and has been hitting on Luke nonstop. After laughing heartily, I agreed. Racked my closet for something vaguely space-age (that was the theme) and ended up with a star pattern tank top and my sequin hoodie. Added my star necklace and voila!! I became a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Ha, I crack myself up. Got there about the same time as Luke and headed in. Wow, what a trip! Some of these costumes were hysterical!! Barely made it out of the kitchen all night, had a couple drinks, some amazing meatballs, and quality conversation. Hung out with Luke almost the entire time, and it was a lot of fun. I forgot how easy he is to talk to. Decided we were going to try and play catch tomorrow night when we hang out. Ha, we'll see how well that works. Headed home late; Tim had played poker until late as well, and was already in bed by the time I left. Probably for the best; even though I wanted to see him, I'm still kinda yucky and that's just not cute. Don't want to get him sick either if this turns out to be more than allergies. *sigh* Time to stuff the tissues up my nose again and call it a day! Off tomorrow!!!

Food Log:
22oz. Love Ya Latte from Planet Smoothie
approx. 3oz Goldfish
16oz water
approx. 10 meatballs
2 mixed alcoholic drinks
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