March 29th, 2010


No one can do it like I do it...

Looooonggg day today. Must go to bed now, but here's the notes: Teacups with the Rabbit. Tim got pulled; sore throat. Double day parades=cereal day and rain! The other breakroom. Sneezy Sneezy Sneezy. Adam and his wonderful medication. Turnaround.
Food Log:
8oz mocha
2 eggs
2 bowls cereal; one Life, one Lucky Charms
handful of Goldfish
1 grilled chicken sandwich with tomato, lettuce and buffalo sauce
16oz water
1 package turkey sausage
Tummy's pretty good today. But I should really eat less. Need to start working out.
Bill Suave

It ain't no lie; baby Bye Bye Bye!!

Turnaround only looks good on paper. Sure, you think sacrificing a little bit a sleep for a little extra money is easy, right? That's before you work 18 hours, sleep for 3, then go back in for another 12. With a clogged nose and a lovely cough. Balls.
In Toontown today for a super long shift. Park hour have been extended for Easter, so I was in an hour earlier than normal. It was a VERY long day. And trying to talk to kids with a stuffy nose is not fun. Nor is eating, which I did not do very much of today, because a) I was exhausted so I was sleeping instead; and b) because eating is very hard to do when you can't breath out of your nose. Holding your breath and trying to chew can prove difficult. All in all though, a really good day. We had numerous adorable children, and after the fist set or so everyone was talking to me. Couple of really cute little girls: Hannah, who wanted to repeated smell the daisies, and Nedisa, who gave the sweetest little cuddles. Oh, and I met Joey Fatone. Had no idea he was at the park today. Honestly didn't even notice him at first, since he was with family and friends, so I was concentrating on the little kids. It was one of those, glance up, look closer, think, "that guy looks famili--oh hey, I know him." He was wearing a TweedleDee and TweedleDum shirt, so I asked him where his partner was. He said, "That guy," pointing to another person in his party. Turned to that guy and turned back, said, "He doesn't look anything like you." Joey said some smart remark and I looked at him....and said, "You have NO idea what's going on, do you? Okay. Just smile and pretend like you do." Funniest part was when one of the women taking the picture tried to take it with the camera facing backwards. I commented that she was DEFINITELY not a Tinker talent and everyone laughed, including the woman. Really, though, it was no big deal. He lives here in town, and comes to the parks all the time, I've just never personally met him before. And honestly, once you get right up with them, no matter how big a superstar somebody is, they're still just a person.
Today marks a first for me too. Group 3 called in, so they asked me to extend. Now, you know me, usually if I'm already there, I'll stay. But Group 3 didn't get out until 1:00am, and I was back in the next morning at 6:30 for another 18 hour day. Even then I probably would have stayed, but with my allergies the way they are, plus the long hours yesterday and no sleep last night, I just couldn't do it. Breathing is sort of important. So I said no...and then they asked me if I would stay for Spectro. ...really? The only thing you could want me for is fur, and I almost fell over last night for the second parade since I was so tired, what makes you think I wanna stay tonight? And it was still out late too. So once again, I said no. Sorry guys, but sometimes, I just have to take care of me. At least Lexie wasn't mad about being pulled out of Spectro, though she probably didn't like it much. But even she said I should go home since I sound so awful. How no one commented on it today I have no idea. Stopped at Target on the way home to pick up more medicine; the one I got yesterday worked okay, but it wasn't the one I meant to get so I had to get more tonight. The little cashier girl that checked me out was so sweet too. She kept commenting on my makeup and how much she liked it. Made me feel good that she thought I was pretty even though I feel icky. Small things make me happy. Home now and gonna put in a no-brainer movie and go to bed. G. Fla. Breakfast, here I come!
Food Log:
1 biscuit
16oz mocha
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
2 cups water
turkey sandwich on ciabatta bread
Told you I didn't eat much today. It's hard to swallow with a stuffy nose. And I don't know if it was because I didn't eat very much or because of something I ate, but I felt nauseous all day. Probably a lot of things.
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