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S.M.S.= Some More Suffering

I'm back in Springfield. Let me tell you how excited I am...oh, wait, I can't, because I'm not. Excited, that is. So school started today. I got up at 7:15am and was ready to go by 8. Course, my class didn't start until 9, but I left early anyway. Glad I did, because while they may have added more parking over the summer (which totally threw me for a loop) there were TONS of cars already parked when I got there. I need to get my new parking pass ASAP. Went to Tap; new teacher (Kelly) looks like she's barely older than me, but seems really cool. Now I need tap shoes. Ick. Got done a little early and chatted with my friend Holly, then went to Theatre Tech. Apparently, that class isn't going to be quite as easy as I had hoped. Mostly, I think it'll be the projects and papers that screw me up. I'm actually looking forward to being on crew for a production--I'm thinking Scene or Costume Shop, NOT tech stuff. Too much time commitment. At least with production crew I can pretty much set my own hours, as long as I get my stuff done. Too many things to buy just for one class. Although I'm glad Stephen explained to me about architectural stuff; I knew what my teacher was talking about. Now, just hanging around killing time until my Acting III class at 1pm. I'll probably go home afterwards and clean out my closet. I never realize how many clothes I have until I move somewhere.

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