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Really Good Book

Today was rather dull. Worked at 7:30, off at 4, slow day. 'Bout an hour of down time, then went off to sociology class. Really cool teacher, you guys would like her. Lots of notes and 2 1/2 hours later, home for cold pizza and a book. Kris got me hooked on this trilogy by Nora Roberts, the Key trilogy or something like that. About ancient Celtic gods and goddesses trapped on the mortal plane in a box of souls...very very cool. Already finished the first one, Key of Valor, and halfway through the second one, Key of Knowledge. WAY overidentifying with the character. I should probably go to bed soon, but seeing as I can't put the book down and I don't have to work tomorrow, I may just finish it. In other news, Marlisa (my real sister, for the forgetful) is going to K-State tomorrow for orientation. She's really excited about it. I'm going to raid her closet, hehe, naughty me. Anyhoo, that's about it. Must read book....

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