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Back from the Dead

Well, my computer still refuses to accept my network card, so I'm updating from my brother's computer. Thank Goddess at least HIS computer has Internet. Now if only I could talk him into taking th password off so I can use it while he's gone. Anyway. Well, I'm not dying anymore, although it sure felt like it on Friday night. I finally went out and bought a thermometer while I was picking up the prescription my dad called in for me. Turns out I had a 103.1 degree temperature. No wonder I felt like shit. I haven't had a fever since I was in the single digit age bracket. Wow, did it suck big time. My teachers were all very understanding, though. E.E. my Modern II teacher had planned on doing an energy relaxation/healing day anyway, so that worked out great. I swear, I think all dancers are really pagans in disguise. You should hear how they go on about grounding and feeling the energy, etc. Very cool, actually. Jazz was okay; Kelly was very sympathetic. I was doing okay until we started doing floor exercises and I turned my ankle doing a soi de che (no idea on the spelling--french people, help)--it's like a jette (leap) with a bent front leg. It really freaked me out, and when we started doing a sequence of fast turns I just couldn't take it; I was dizzy and miserable and upset, and I just pretty much burst into tears. I think some of it was the fact that I wasn't taking my medicine (I hadn't figured out yet that I had extra here *headhand*) and just got really overwhelmed. Well, I half-assed it the rest of the day and week, and just spent the rest of the weekend reading at work and trying to relax and rest. So I'm not quite fully human yet, but feeling much more up to par. Looking forward to the weekend; I get to come home and see everybody, especially my Bear, and have fun out at Faire in my nifty yellow Harem costume. Yes, I'm the neon wife in the road sign colors. I'm special, that's why. And everybody copied my idea for the veil, because I'm just that good. Really, just looking forward to getting away from my total unmotivation and relaxing a little. I miss KC and all that it means a lot, more and more each week. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's not for too much longer and then I can get on with my life.

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